Below is a list of the different ministries at CCA with some descriptions of the activities, meeting schedules and persons to contact for details. If interested to participate call the coordinator in charge.

Intercession & Prayer

Intercession & Prayer team meets Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 and Fridays from 9:00 p.m. to midnight.  Sundays and Thursdays we pray half an hour before services start.  Intercessory prayers are made for the world, the church, heads of states, our mission and vision, etc.  All are welcome.  If you don’t know how to pray and desire to learn, you will be given appropriate instructions and simple guidance.  In no time you will be effective in your prayer life.  Knowing how to pray is not a gift from God. It starts simply by communicating with God from the heart.  Any believer born of the Spirit can learn the principles governing prayer and become effective in interceding and communicating with his heavenly Father. For more info see Sr. A. Ledain.

Evangelism Outreach & Discipleship

This ministry is composed of several teams, which meet on Tuesdays. These groups are devoted to preparing themselves for Evangelism work through intercessions, prayers and specialized studies in God’s Word. Members are trained to share the Gospel with simplicity and efficiency, as they are called to do street and home evangelism in and out of state, as the Spirit leads.  If you need our team to visit someone to share the Gospel with them please let us know.

Children and Nursery Department

During services on Sunday and Thursday, children 12 years old and under are ministered to by our Children and Nursery Departments.  They are supervised and care for by experienced monitors with the love of Christ.  Teachings from God’s word appropriate to kids will be provided.  In addition, watching videos, singing, praying, book coloring, bible reading and snacks sharing are some of the activities available for them to participate in.  At time the children will organize events for the whole church.  This ministry is a positive tool to impart the love of God in our little ones.

Golden Age

This ministry designed primarily for seniors meets on the first Saturday of the month to pray, study the Word, share and fellowship. Instructions are given on matters of interest to seniors such as: healing of the body and of the mind, faith, the works of the Spirit, etc. Participants are encouraged and inspired to live by faith and to do God’s will in all things. See Pastor Michele Defay.

Youth Ministry

Our youngsters are very precious to us. Their spiritual welfare is of great concern to us. In order to help them grow in the knowledge and the admonition of the Lord, Youth Ministry was created to care for youngsters from twelve to nineteen years old.

Couples Encounter

This ministry is designed for married couples only.  Its aim is to promote peace, harmony and love in the family by providing guidance and support to husbands and wives according to biblical principles.  Diverse formats and tools will be used: from guest speakers to video showing, from couples counseling to group discussions. Members are expected to participate in Retreats and Outings.  Meeting time will be soon announced.

Women Fellowship

From 18 years and up this fellowship is a must for all the women of CCA.  Meetings are designed for the sharing of the Word of God from which instructions are given on a multitude of topics of particular interest to women: from relationships to godly conduct, from Christian fashion to dating, subjects are explored in a practical way and pertinent advises are given in these sessions.  Special guests speakers are invited to share their testimony with the group and other associations and women from other churches are asked to come to fellowship with us.  Women Fellowship promotes as well friendship and sisterhood within CCA, and from time to time, this ministry organizes special events such as outings, banquets, plays, projection of movies, etc. This dynamic fellowship is awaiting your participation. See Sr. Armante Ledain for details.

Men Ministry

This ministry is recommended for men 19 years and over. It is designed to promote Christian friendship and brotherhood.  Men learn to deal with men issues like understanding relationships, men role in the Church, and in their natural family. Subjects such as Sex and Marriage, Fatherhood and Sonship, Leadership and Love, Submission and Obedience, and many more are explored.  The interaction and sharing of men of different generations and backgrounds benefit all participants.  At times Men Fellowship will have guest speakers and will organize special events for the whole congregation.

Water Baptism

If you have not yet received water baptism, we urge you to seek to obey the Lord’s command to do so. As the word baptism implies, this ordinance of Christ must be accomplished by immersion. During the summer, baptism classes are offered ( in general starting in May).  Enroll in these preparatory studies and find out for yourself what God’s Word teaches about this fundamental doctrine of Christ. As you commit yourself totally to God’s plan for your life, He will open the door for you to enroll in His service.

Haiti Mission Field

Since its birth in 1985, CCA had a heart for the mission field of Haïti. Throughout the years the Lord led us to undertake multiple evangelical crusades in the Island of Hispagnola, where we conducted opened air meetings in the Republic of Haïti and in the Dominican Republic. In 1989 CCA acquired about 10 acres of land in the vicinity of Roche Blanche, a small village, thirty minutes away from Port-au-Prince the capital. Ten years later, in July 1999, under the Lord’s instruction, CCA Haiti Center was created. In January 2000, construction works for a church temple for 2500 sits and a living quarter began. Currently, the living quarter is functional and accommodates up to fifty (50) persons. The temple however, though fully functional, is awaiting for the finishing touches. Upon completion, CCA Haïti Center project will include an elementary and vocational school, an adult education center, a canteen, a dispensary/medical center and an orphanage. Three times a year CCA endeavors to organize missionary trips to the Island,  where evangelical crusades and conferences/seminars on discipleship and leadership are conducted in both,  the Republic of Haiti and the Dominican Republic (February, July, December). Believers and ministers from different parts of the world join with us to participate in mission work throughout the island.  We hope that you will be with us for our next trip and trust that you will continue to support the mission field by your prayer and financial contributions.

List of other Ministries

Praise & Worship Department
Finance Department
Hosting and Greeting
Ushering and Altar Ministries
Publication Department
Gifts and Books Store
Ministers Care
Events Committee
Cleaning and Building Maintenance
Transportation Department
Audio and Video Ministries
Ministry School

Though each ministry has its own objectives, its operational guidelines and procedures, all ministries however are called to work together for the accomplishment of God’s vision for CCA.