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How Do I Remain Saved?

By Pastor George’s Defay

Let’s begin by stating that salvation is a gift provided by God’s Grace and received by Faith, which comes by hearing God’s Word (the Gospel of Jesus Christ). When someone is born again or saved, he must put his trust in God to keep him safe on judgment day. In Romans 8:32, we are reassured of God’s willingness and determination to save the believer from his wrath. Nevertheless, one must understand that the person receiving Christ is cutting “a covenant of faith” with God, underwritten or guaranteed by the shed blood of His Son. God’s part is to save the believer from damnation; but the believer must keep faith in the Gospel (i.e. trusting in Jesus’ sacrifice, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world).

The initial faith received and exercised when hearing the gospel must always be in the believer’s heart, otherwise the initial act of believing in Christ will be of no value for salvation at the time of his return or at judgment day. This is why one must remain strong in God’s Grace as provided in Christ, by keeping faith in the promises of God’s Covenant. This principle of perseverance and steadfastness of faith in the Lord’s goodness and grace is plainly stated by Paul in Romans 11:20-23. Using the olive tree as a symbol of Christ, Paul described how by unbelief, one can be cut off to fall into judgment. This solemn and sobering warning is found in numerous parts of the New Covenant. In the gospels and the apostolic letters, God’s warning is clear and consistent. If one examines the following verses in their context with an objective mind, one will conclude that salvation can be lost, not on account of God, but on lack of perseverance of the believer.

The Lord Jesus: Matt. 24:42, Matt. 25:1-13; Matt. 25:30, etc …
Apostle Paul: Col.1:21-23; 1Cor.15:1-2; Gal.5:2-4; 2Thes.1:5-10; 2Thes.2:13-17; 1Tim.1:18-19; 1Tim.6:9-10; 2Tim.2:12; etc.
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Apostle James: James 5:19-20;
Apostle Peter: 2Peter 2:1; 2Peter 2:20-22; 2Peter 3:17;
Apostle John: 1 John 2:19; John 15:1-4

May your faith in the person and works of Jesus Christ remains and grows,
thus shall you stay in the grace of God and experience the glorious promise of divine Salvation.