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Historical Background

CCA School of Advanced Biblical Studies and Ministry is an offspring of Christian Community Alliance Church.  CCA Church came to existence in 1985 under God’s direction to proclaim the Gospel of Peace to all. This Bible believing church incorporated as CCA Inc is fully persuaded that the divine message of salvation for man’s spirit, soul and body is vital and indispensable to this dying world and sees it as its mission to declare the Gospel to all (Mark 16:15-16). Furthermore, for over 30 years, CCA has been committed to promoting Christian discipleship through the practice of Christ’s teachings. CCA School of Advanced Biblical Studies and Ministry is a division of CCA Inc. which believes that Christ’s way is God’s only way for man to know and experience Agape love, peace and happiness on earth and even after physical death (Matthew 5:3-10; Mark 10:29-30; John 3:3-5, John 3:35-36; Matthew 28:18-20).

On October 19th 2005, CCA Bible Studies Department launched its first advanced Bible class. About fourteen people registered. It was a very exciting opening night! Students were anxious as it was their first meeting and they did not know what to expect.  Since then, we have come a long way!  In 2007, it had become necessary, to set up another structure by which students will be taught the fundamental doctrines of the Christian Faith without spending long periods of time and without disbursing excessive funds. After much research, evaluation and promptings from the Lord, the Advanced Bible Studies class was transformed into a school of higher learning. Henceforth to fulfill these goals in a realistic manner and affordable way The School of Advanced Biblical Studies and Ministry (SABSAM) was created.

The Benefits of attending SABSAM

In a comprehensive and systematic way; students will only take the necessary courses related to their area of interest. This school was designed for the perfecting of those already serving in the local church and for those just called to the ministry. In an effort to equip those called to different areas of ministry, special license and degree programs are offered, enabling participants to become knowledgeable in particular fields of study such as: Biblical Exegesis, Counseling, Canonic, Theology, Christology, etc. These programs will help students to master biblical doctrines and become more confident in their faith, while enhancing their evangelical convictions and improving their understanding of apostolic teachings and church traditions. By attending Sabsam, one’s ministry will become more meaningful and effectual. Placed in a college setting and exposed to practicum and special seminars, students will not only receive spiritual and biblical knowledge, but will be taught how to encourage and train others.

Those who are called to ministry will have the opportunity to develop academically, biblically and spiritually for leadership positions in the body of Christ. Henceforth, with proper training, God’s call upon one’s life can be effectively answered. SABSAM offers a curriculum specifically tailored to equip believers with the skills needed. The Bible makes it clear that “man and woman of God” can only be “thoroughly furnished” for service except by the study and practice of God’s word (2Timothy 3:14-17; John 8:31-32; Ephesians 4:11-16; Hebrews 5:12-14).

SABSAM was also designed to benefit those who want to increase their spiritual knowledge and understanding, and those who desire to apply their gifts to build the kingdom of God. The fact remains that church services, Sunday school classes, self studies and correspondence programs will not fully satisfy that desire. Some may contemplate joining a well established and reputable school, which in itself is commendable; however, throughout the years, the facts have shown that many who had purposed in their heart to attend such institutions particularly in the New York area, have experienced much frustration and disappointment. For a multitude of reasons, from high tuition costs to traveling accommodations, their expectations were rarely met while the expenses involved were outside of their means.