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A Life Worthy of Appreciation

By Garine Allonce

The world celebrates our heroes for their bravery.
Our ancestors are recognized for paving the way.
Scientists, pioneers, and innovators are acclaimed with awards and noble prizes.
Athletes who compete valiantly receive their due fame with metals of honor.
Musicians and artists are idolized.
Presidents and world leaders fill library shelves with impressive historical acts.
Popes and clergy figures are canonized.
Poets and writers guide our speeches.
Students who accomplish their course of training receive diplomas.
Soldiers who serve their countries honorably gain military status and rank of authority.
Christians who lay down their lives for godliness sake receive an incorruptible crown.

The writings of the Torah, the Gospels and the many Epistles record many men and women ignited by God’s call to lay their lives as gifts to all mankind. Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Deborah, Samuel, Elijah, Daniel, Josiah, Mary, Peter, Paul, Timothy, and above all, Jesus, are only a few examples of the many who surrender their earthly will for the eternal profit of others. Their altruistic sacrifices are worthy of appreciation.

It is with heartfelt gratitude that we choose to express our love for heaven’s extension at CCA: Pastor Georges and Pastor Rollin. God’s precious gift of salvation compels them to live a life of sacrifice, dedication and Christ-like leadership. We honor and celebrate such men for their unconditional commitment toward the flock entrusted in their care. They model, as servants, the perseverance, long suffering and love needed to fulfill their assignment to continue the good fight of faith.

Dear pastors, remember that your steadfastness to preach the Gospel in and out of season is inspiring. Remember that God rewards those who faithfully serve him. Keep pressing on. Keep loving. Keep pleasing your heavenly Father.